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Despite how it may sometimes appear, church is all about Jesus.

Don’t let unfamiliar language, odd clothing and old buildings get in the way of this fact.


Without Jesus, nothing the church does makes any sense.


‘Hang on!’ we hear you say…’why is Jesus such a big deal? And what does he have to do with belief in God?’. Well, the outrageous claim that Jesus frequently and controversially made was that he himself was (and is) God in the flesh.


A claim as enormous and apparently ridiculous as this of course needs to be tested, but if you’re up for it, we’d love to help you think this through, because faith is not a blind leap, but a rational step based on good historical evidence.


Of course, you might be thinking ‘why bother looking into this at all?’ and of course, you’re free to dig a bit deeper or walk away…


At the centre of Christianity is the belief that God created you for a purpose; for relationship with him and that because of Jesus, you can know him and find life in all its fullness…and we think that’s worth checking out.

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