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About Us 

The church is something of a local landmark and has had a rich history of serving the local community ever since it was built around 150 years ago. In September 2021 we invited a planting team from All Saints Worcester to help us renew our focus on loving our community and launch a new informal gathering to connect with young people and families in the area.

This is a really exciting time in the life of the church and we’d love you to join us whether you’re just starting to ask big questions about life, faith and God or whether you’re up for joining us in making a difference in Bengeworth. Oh, and if you pressed us, we’d describe ourselves as being:

Charismatic (we believe that the Spirit of God is living and active today)
Evangelical (we hold the Bible in high regard as God’s words to us)
Sacramental (we believe in baptism as a sign of joining the family of God and
sharing communion (bread and wine) as a sign of being united as family by the life,
death and resurrection of Jesus)

Anglican (we’re part of the Church of England)

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