Image by Jaqueline Pelzer

Pancake Party

Date: Tuesday 1st March 2022

Time: 5.30pm - 7.00pm

Location: St Peter's Church, Bengeworth, WR11 3LF

Shrove Tuesday is nearly upon us - here comes the history bit...

Shrove Tuesday is historically a feast day before the start of the season of Lent (traditionally a season of dedicated prayer and fasting) on Ash Wednesday. Pancakes were seen as a great way to use up all of the tempting rich foods before the season of fasting got underway. So...

Are you a lemon and sugar girl, a chocolate and banana kind of guy, or something else? Either way, if you'd like to argue over which is best whilst enjoying your favourite pancake in the company of friends, come and Join us at our pancake party on Tuesday 1st March. It's a great opportunity for people across all three congregations to come together and it's also a really easy invite for your friends to come to. There's no charge but donations are warmly received on the day.

See you there!